Adult/Senior Programs


Updates and communication will be made through the city’s website and the Parks and Recreation’s Facebook page regarding the status of facilities, events and programming. If you have any questions, please contact the Parks & Recreation office at (314) 432-3960 or by email at

Tai Chi for Arthritis for Fall Prevention

Tai Chi is an ancient Chinese martial art that practices meditation in motion. This exercise is a non-competitive, low impact, self-paced. This gentle physical exercise combined with stretching of the muscles will help improve balance, confidence and muscular strength. Our instructor, Myrlynn, is a certified Tai Chi instructor through the Dr. Paul Lam Tai Chi for Health Institute. Register online at or call (314) 432-3960.

Tai Chi Fitness Class

Dog Training Classes 

Classes are one hour long on Saturday mornings starting in February. Class size is limited. To register and see the full schedule of classes, visit or call Jenny at (314) 480-5675.

Manners and Obedience
This class covers basic manners and obedience cues every family dog needs. Learn to station your dog for a great stay, address impulse control for loose leash walking and leave it, and teach obedience cues like sit, down and stay.
$140/resident dog; $150/non-resident dog (Fee includes six classes; classes are rolling enrollment so you can start anytime!)

Beginner Nose Games
Nose games use your dog’s natural abilities to search, detect and alert to scents. In this fun introductory class, your dog will learn to navigate an obstacle course of senses to find the right scent. This is perfect for indoor enrichment and a great way to boost confidence in dogs.
$90/resident dog; $100/non-resident dog (Fee includes four-class session)

Reactive Rover
This unique class is designed for dogs who overreact to other dogs or people while on a leash. If your dog whines, lunges, pulls, growls or tenses up around other people or dogs, this class will teach you and your dog how to safely and calmly handle these situations. This class is taught by two certified dog trainers in a small class setting (4-6 teams) in a 7-week course that includes a seminar on behavior modification and dog body language. To enroll, the dog must pass an assessment. 
Assessment fee: $75/resident dog; $85/non-resident dog
Class: $300/resident dog; $310/non-resident dog

Dog holding tennis ball