Police and Government Center Needs Analysis

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A key objective contained in the 2013 Creve Coeur Strategic Plan is addressing the City’s long-term facilities needs. In December, 2013, the City Council authorized Bond Architects to conduct a Government Center Needs Analysis Final Report, and subsequently established the Government Center Needs Analysis Task Force. The needs study identified building deficiencies and a variety of options for addressing the city’s long-term facilities needs.

Project Description

Six options in total were presented; ranging from minor renovations to the existing building, tearing down the Government Center (GC) and replacing it with a new building, moving to a new location and renovating an existing building or construction a new one. The GC Needs Analysis Task Force and City Council deliberated all the options to find the most cost-efficient means to address the necessities outlined in the Feasibility Study. They ultimately proposed the construction of a new Police Station to the north of the existing GC, a new access road from Magna Carta and renovations to the GC.

Project Cost and Financing

The estimated cost of the new Police Station, including all site work is approximately $10.69 million. A voter-approved bond issue is required to finance the project. Creve Coeur citizens will vote on the issue on November 8, 2016. Based on current interest rates, the tax levy would be approximately $0.08 per $100 assessed valuation. The average home with a market value of $400,000 would see an estimated increase of $60.80 annually in property taxes.

Financing for a subsequent renovation to the Government Center, estimated at $5.5 million, would not require a tax increase, with existing reserves and capital improvement fund revenues serving as the proposed revenue sources.

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Project Timeline

November 2016 : Proposition P, November 8
2017: Design/Engineering/Financing Police Station
2018: Police Station Construction
2018: Design/Engineering/Financing - Government Center Renovations
2019: Government Center Renovations Completed

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