Executive Office Park CID


The four lakes and dam that form a line through the middle of the Creve Coeur Golf Course were originally constructed by Lindbergh-Warson Properties to serve as the stormwater retention system for the Creve Coeur Executive Office Park, pursuant to a May, 1970 agreement. The boundaries of the Creve Coeur Executive Office Park are generally Olive Boulevard (north), Fairways subdivision (east), Creve Coeur Golf Course (south), and Old Ballas Road (west). The area, lake system watershed, and property owners are shown on the watershed map.

Under the agreement, Lindbergh-Warson Properties assumed responsibility for both construction and maintenance of the retention system. While the City of Creve Coeur has been maintaining the system for many years, capital repairs and maintenance costs are increasing and the City is no longer able to solely absorb these costs. As a result, the City is proposing the formation of a Community Improvement District (CID) to finance and oversee capital repairs and maintenance over the next 20 years.

Rehabilitation Projects and Maintenance

A hole in the existing dam at the southern end of the golf course became evident in June 2013. A temporary repair has reduced the flow through the dam, but the dam continues to leak, and the water level in the southern lake in the system has been lowered to relieve pressure on the dam.

Investigation into the replacement of the dam led to the determination that additional repairs, improvements, and maintenance are required throughout the lake system. A summary of the improvements, maintenance, and enhancement needs of the system are shown in the attached master plan.

The various improvements to the lake system have been divided into two phases:
Phase 1. The first phase will include the repair of the failed dam, removal of silt from the southern lake, replacement of the concrete channel south of the dam, and various aesthetic improvements to the dam, cart path, and channel.  View Plans for Phase 1 of the project.

Phase 2. The second phase will involve silt removal from the northern three lakes, repairs to the retaining walls around the northern lake, and improvements to the system that will help improve water quality in the lakes and reduce the amount of siltation in the system.
The total construction cost to design, permit, and construct these improvements is expected to be about $1,826,000. Maintenance of the system for the next 20 years is expected to total about $941,000, bringing the total cost to be $2,767,000.  View a summary of the costs estimated for these projects.

Community Improvement District Formation

The City is pursuing the formation of a Community Improvement District (CID) composed of the property owners within the boundaries of the original development to fund the improvements and maintenance needed for the lake system. The City will carry the full cost of any decorative aspects of the projects that are proposed for aesthetic improvement of the golf course. The total cost associated with the CID is $2,463,500, as shown in the attached cost breakdown.

In the CID, the costs associated with the projects would be distributed among the watershed property owners based upon the area of each property. The Creve Coeur Golf Course and the City’s roadway right of way make up approximately 46% of the watershed area. Therefore, the City would be responsible for nearly half of the costs of the project, and the remaining costs would be divided among the watershed property owners.

Impact on Property Taxes

On average, the annual contribution amounts to an increase of less than 4% in the total property tax bill for the CID properties.


The existing condition of the dam will require its replacement in a timely fashion, with construction anticipated to begin in Fall 2015. A detailed timeline is included in the pamphlet.

Further Information

Questions regarding the planned improvements or the CID can be directed to Matt Wohlberg, City Engineer, at (314) 442-2084 or mwohlberg@ci.creve-coeur.mo.us.

CID Information
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