City's Commitment to Transparency

The City of Creve Coeur is committed to responsible spending and financial transparency. In this spirit, the City has partnered with OpenGov to provide its citizens and stakeholders with their Financial Transparency Portal. The portal is designed to complement and enhance the financial documents that have historically been available on our website thereby increasing visibility, openness, and accountability to our operations.

This site provides an interactive tool that allows users the opportunity to view, filter, and analyze revenue and expense data for Creve Coeur. You can analyze financial trends from (DATE) to (DATE) to include all operating funds, departments, revenue or expense types or any individual or combination thereof. Also, you are not limited to viewing your City's financial data online. You can download the data (i.e. in Excel) for offline analysis.

The City's initial upload contains annual data for historical fiscal years (where you see 'Prorated' on the graphs and schedules) and monthly data for FY 2015 (current year). Monthly data for historical years is being compiled and will be uploaded a year at a time as it is completed.

Annual Report


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Background on OpenGov

The OpenGov platform provides instant online access to the budget, and interactively displays current and historic revenue and expenses down to the fund, department, object and checkbook level.
The City of Creve Coeur intends to use OpenGov internally to create custom reports, help operations manage to budget, keep informed, and help with important workflows from the budgeting process to internal audits. Externally, the platform is used to publish interactive budgets and share this information with the community.

Maintaining budget data on OpenGov's platform enables the City to provide citizens, elected officials and internal staff the ability to:
  • View historical revenue and expenditure trends over time.
  • Explore multiple vies of budget data, including by fund, department, expense or revenue type, or activity.
  • Answer frequently asked questions, such as "What did the city spend on police over the past five years?" or "How have property tax revenues changed over the past few years?"
  • Track year-to-date revenue and expenses and view how departments operate to budget.