Boards, Committees & Commissions

Boards, Committees & Commissions

Appointments to Boards, Commissions & Committees

Citizen boards, commissions and committees are an integral part of the City of Creve Coeur. Appointments are made pursuant to the City Charter. The Mayor, members of the City Council, members of the respective boards, commissions and committees and residents may submit names to the City Clerk for consideration by the nominating committee.

The nominating committee consists of the Mayor, City Council President and the Chairperson of the respective board, commission or committee. The appointment of the nominee is subject to the advice and consent of the majority of the City Council.

Board, commission and committee members are expected to attend no less than 50 percent of scheduled meetings each year. Unless otherwise provided by law or ordinance, a board, commission or committee member may be removed by the same process as they were appointed.

If you are interested in working in the community or would like to become a member of one of the boards, commissions, or committees of the City of Creve Coeur, please complete the application form, forward a letter of interest and resume to Deborah Ryan, City Clerk, or contact her at (314) 872-2517.