Facilities Needs Assessment Task Force

The Government Center Assessment Task Force is a citizen committee leading The Government Center Needs Analysis Project. The committee is responsible for overseeing the evaluation process, providing recommendations and feedback to the City Council.

Task Force Members:

  • Ken Balk, Chair
  • Al Schopp, Vice-Chair
  • Dick Kutta
  • James Faron
  • Jeff Rosenthal
  • Fran Cantor
  • Dr. Bob Hoffman, Council Liaison
  • Kevin Rejent
  • Barry Glantz, Mayor, Ex - Officio
  • Beth Kistner

City Staff Members:

  • Mark Perkins, City Administrator
  • George Seifried, Project Manager
  • Glenn Eidman, Police Chief
  • Jim Heines, Director of Public Works
  • Jeff Hartman, Police Sergeant