Posted on: August 16, 2017

Stormwater Committee Proposes New Regulations


The city’s Stormwater Committee and city staff have proposed revisions to the city’s stormwater regulations (Chapter 425 of the Code of Ordinances) intended to protect residents from the potential negative effects of stormwater runoff resulting from development on adjacent properties. The proposed regulations would apply to large-scale residential developments that disturb less than one acre of land.

The proposed revisions would require that large-scale residential developments be designed and constructed such that no new stormwater impacts affect neighboring properties. Projects that would be subject to the revisions include new homes, teardowns and rebuild homes, land disturbance permits, new swimming pools, and garage additions.

The city’s current stormwater regulations, which were largely developed by the Metropolitan St. Louis Sewer District (MSD), apply only to projects that disturb one acre or more of land such as most commercial and residential subdivision development. These regulations do not apply to most developments on single residential lots, however, such development is often large enough to generate additional stormwater runoff onto adjacent properties. This runoff can cause erosion, ponding, or even basement flooding for the affected neighbors.

“The city encourages property improvements, but these improvements should be responsible so that they do not create a stormwater-related issue for neighbors,” said Matt Wohlberg, City Engineer. “Our goal with these proposed regulations is to protect neighboring properties while implementing fair requirements for developers.”

The city has made attempts to address this issue over the last ten years including calls for action in the city’s Comprehensive Plan and Strategic Plan.

First reading for the ordinance is tentatively scheduled for Monday, October 9. Residents are encouraged to submit their public comments to Debbie Ryan, City Clerk, at dryan@crevecoeurmo.gov.

The proposed ordinance and staff report are available for review. For more information, contact Matt Wohlberg, City Engineer, at mwohlberg@crevecoeurmo.gov or (314) 442-2084.

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