Posted on: January 11, 2018

Homeowners Encouraged to Manage Stormwater


Last October, the City Council passed an ordinance revising the city’s stormwater regulations to limit the amount of additional runoff allowed to be generated by changes to residential lots. New homes, pools, larger driveways, and other projects like these can significantly increase stormwater runoff onto neighboring properties, and that additional stormwater can create erosion or swampy areas in neighboring yards.

Even small alterations to one’s property can have stormwater impacts, so the city’s Stormwater Committee encourages Creve Coeur residents to consider stormwater management during any maintenance or improvements to their property. Doing so can increase home value and reduce maintenance for residents and their neighbors.

Stormwater refers to all of the water that lands on or flows through a property during and after a storm. Stormwater management involves identifying a stormwater problem, planning, and creating a solution. Stormwater problems appear after rainfall. Examples of common stormwater problems include flooding or erosion in certain areas of a yard or property or water accumulation in basements. Solutions to problems such as these could be as simple as planting a tree or maintaining clean and functioning gutters. Responsible stormwater management also makes residents better neighbors. What residents do on their property can cause stormwater problems for neighboring properties. Residents are encouraged to plan for water runoff solutions when making changes to their property such as constructing a room addition or a new patio to prevent causing stormwater problems for themselves or their neighbors.

Homeowners can access many resources for stormwater management from agencies such as the Metropolitan St. Louis Sewer District, the Missouri Botanical Garden, and the Missouri Department of Natural Resources. To find links to these resources, tips for stormwater management, and more, visit www.creve-coeur.org/stormwater.

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