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The Heart of Community and Commerce Creve Coeur Missouri

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Creve Coeur Business Awards Nomination

  1. The Creve Coeur Economic Development Committee announces its annual Business Awards Program to recognize Creve Coeur businesses and organizations. Award categories will include:

    Heart of the Community

    Honors a Creve Coeur business or organization that has demonstrated a commitment to the community by making a positive impact in Creve Coeur or the St. Louis region.

    Most Innovative Business

    Honors a Creve Coeur business or organization that has demonstrated innovation, unique achievements or significant advancements in their field.

    Favorite Restaurant

    Honors a Creve Coeur restaurant nominated by its customers for its outstanding service and food quality.
    All nominees must be Creve Coeur businesses. Nominations are due by 5:00 p.m. on Tuesday, March 15.

  2. See above for description of each award category

  3. Please provide an overview of the nomination that includes why you think the nominee should be considered for the selected award category.

  4. (letters of recommendation, news articles, other recognitions, etc.)

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