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The Heart of Community and Commerce Creve Coeur Missouri

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Home Renovations
SMTG_Logo_Tag web.jpgRenovation projects offer a great opportunity to increase the energy efficiency and comfort of a home, as well as opportunities to save money and receive tax credits. Small renovations may include upgrading the lighting system and basic appliances or weather stripping. Major projects might involve replacing windows, adding insulation, putting on a new roof, renovating a kitchen or bathroom, adding a room, or gutting a building to its shell and creating a new interior. Regardless of the scope of a renovation project, it should be viewed as a chance to improve the home's energy performance.

Keeping a home in top condition energy-wise can pay big dividends. Increasing a home's energy performance translates to lower utility bills and more comfort. For many existing homes, particularly older homes, there are a number of opportunities to improve energy efficiency. Some are relatively inexpensive and can be done by the homeowner.

Energy saving tax incentives

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