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Proposition P

On November 8, 2016, Creve Coeur citizens approved Proposition P, a bond measure that will fund construction of a new police station. The Creve Coeur City Council unanimously approved the ordinance placing the measure on the ballot at their meeting on Monday, August 22.

How did the Proposition Appear on the Ballot?
The ballot read as follows:

“Shall the City of Creve Coeur, Missouri, issue its general obligation bonds in an amount up to $10,690,000 for the purpose of constructing, furnishing and equipping a new police station on the current government center property and making safety, security and accessibility renovations to the existing building?”

Why does the Police Department Need a New Station?
This ballot measure was the culmination of more than two years of study by the citizens’ Needs Assessment Task Force, the City Council and city staff. The task force reviewed numerous options presented in the form of a professional needs analysis before making its recommendation to City Council identifying construction of a new police station on the existing Government Center property as the best course of action to ensure a continuation of high-quality police services well into the future.

The new police station will address several deficiencies outlined in the needs analysis including:

  • Overcrowding: Providing additional work space for police officers, detectives, crime prevention officers and support staff. When the Police Department moved into the existing Government Center after remodeling of the grade school building in 1989, the city’s population and corresponding policing staffing and needs were substantially smaller. 
  • Training deficiencies: Addressing inadequate police training facilities, evidence storage and private interview rooms used with victims of crime.
  • Parking Hazards: Eliminating the unsafe parking lot configuration which creates hazards between police vehicles and community center patrons, both drivers and pedestrians.
  • Safety and Security: Addressing safety, security and accessibility deficiencies in the current building.
  • Emergency Operations: Providing a vastly improved Emergency Operations Center (EOC), which is a critical component to managing public safety and security during major incidents. The squad room currently serves double duty as the EOC, lacking adequate space, technology or the physical strength to withstand natural disasters.

How will the Police Station be Funded?

The measure will provide funding for a new police station as well as safety, security and accessibility improvements to the Government Center. General obligation bonds totaling $10.69 million will be issued upon voter authorization, resulting in an estimated real and personal property tax levy of $0.080 for twenty years. This will result in an estimated increase in real estate taxes of $60.80 annually on a home with a market value of $400,000.

More Information

For more information, contact Mark Perkins, City Administrator, at (314) 872-2515.

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This information was prepared and paid for by the City of Creve Coeur, Mark Perkins City Administrator, 300 N. New Ballas Road, Creve Coeur MO 63141. This information is intended solely to educate and inform residents about a question that may be presented at the polls. It is not intended to advocate, support or oppose the passage or defeat of the measure. Each voter should vote for or against the question based on his or her own judgment.

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