Building Division


Posted 3/20/20: The Building Division remains operational and we are accepting permit applications, issuing permits, performing inspections, and responding to code enforcement concerns; however, our procedures have changed.  Below is important information regarding these new procedures. Please check back frequently for updates.

Applying for Permits

  • Applying for permits can be performed within the front entry vestibule of the Government Center. All necessary application forms are available within the vestibule and phone numbers are posted should you need assistance. Only one person is allowed in the vestibule at a time. Applicants are encouraged to fill out the application forms inside their vehicle and call the appropriate staff if they require assistance.

Plan Reviews

  • Plan reviews are being conducted by staff working remotely. The plans examiners will continue to respond to emails and their desk phones have been transferred to their cell phones. Plan review comments will be made via email to the applicant. 


  • All required inspections are currently being performed; however, we are limiting our on-site visits as much as possible. For minor inspections or for re-inspections of a minor nature, our inspectors are accepting pictures or videos taken of the work to be inspected for code compliance. These alternative inspection methods will be requested from contractors at the direction of the City inspector. 
  • For residential inspections, City inspectors are not permitted to enter an occupied home where residents are sick, under quarantine, or if they may be other reasons to believe that it is unsafe to complete the inspection. 
  • On the job-site, City inspectors will avoid touching any surfaces and will maintain social distancing while performing the inspections. Please note, the City inspector may direct the contractor to prepare an area for the inspection in advance prior to entering the premises so that their time is limited on the site.

Receiving Approved Permits and Making Payments

  • Applicants will be notified via email or phone when their permit is ready to be picked up.  When the applicant arrives that the Government Center, please call (314) 872-2500 to speak with the administrative assistant. Staff will provide instruction on how to pick up their approved plans and permit documents.
  • For faster processing, payments by credit card are strongly encouraged. In conjunction with picking up your approved permits, staff will process your credit card payment over the phone. If you have any questions regarding payments other than by a credit card, please call us to make the arrangements.

Property Maintenance/Code Enforcement Concerns

  • The City will respond to property maintenance concerns; however, for some violations compliance can be expected to take longer. Please call (314) 442-2085 to report a property maintenance issue. Staff will prioritize our response depending on the nature of the concern and will follow up accordingly.

Apartment Re-Occupancy Inspections

  • Currently, the City is performing re-occupancy inspections for vacant apartment units. As with any inspection within a residential unit, the City inspector will take extra precautionary measures while performing the inspection.
  • The city will NOT make apartment re-occupancy inspections for any apartment dwelling units that have been re-occupied prior to the issuance of a Certificate of Occupancy by the city.

Applicants are strongly encouraged to call or email City staff if they have any questions before coming to the Government Center. For building permit and code enforcement questions, please call (314) 872-2500 or email or


The Building Division is responsible for enforcement of the city's building, residential-mechanical, property maintenance, nuisance and zoning codes.

Primary Activities

Primary Building Division activities include:
  • Ensuring that life safety codes and professional construction methods are adhered to during the construction process
  • Administering and coordinating all aspects of the residential and commercial building permit submittal, plan review, permit issuance, field inspections and escrow release processes
  • Ensuring that all residential and commercial properties are in compliance with the city's exterior property maintenance, nuisance and sign codes, Complaint Line (314) 442-2085
  • Ensuring that St. Louis County provides quality permit issuance and field inspection services as they pertain to all electrical, plumbing and commercial mechanical work completed within the city

Public Notice of Proposed Ordinances for Adoption: