New Trash Contract FAQs

What are my trash service options?
  • Curbside: Weekly curbside trash service, provided at no fee.
  • Valet (rear-yard): Upgrade cost for valet service is $15 per month. The city will pay the entire upgrade cost for the first year of service and 50 percent of the cost for the second year beginning July 1, 2016. In the third year, beginning July 2017, and thereafter, subscribers will be responsible for the full cost of valet service.
Who will receive a Cart?
All single-family residences will receive a new recycling cart. Residents who elect curbside trash service will also receive a new trash cart. Trash carts will not be provided for valet trash collection.

How many carts will I receive?

  • Curbside: If you elect curbside trash collection, you will receive one cart for trash and one cart for recycling.
  • Valet: If you elect valet trash collection, you will receive one cart for curbside recycling.
When will I get my new cart?
Trash carts are scheduled to be delivered beginning the week of June 22 and go through the first week of July.

Recycling carts will be replaced later this summer. Residents will be notified by call blasts or e-mail when we get closer to the delivery.

How will I be notified of the swap?
Republic Services will notify residents as they have in the past by phone or email.

What sizes are the carts?
Carts come in three sizes: 48-gallon (28”d x 29”w x 38”h), 65-gallon (29”d x 25”w x 42”h), and 95-gallon (34”d x 29”w x 42”h). The 48-gallon cart is recommended for households with one to two residents, the 65-gallon cart for households with three to four residents, and the 95-gallon cart for households with five or more residents.

Where will I store the cart(s)?

You may leave the cart(s) outside, but you are required to store it behind the front building line of your home. Your subdivision may have additional guidelines.

Will the trash and recycling collection schedule change?
There will be no change in the trash collection schedule.

Will the trash and recycling carts look the same?
The trash and recycling carts will appear similar but will be labeled accordingly.

What size recycling cart do we have now?
The current recycling carts are 65-gallon.

What will happen to my old recycling cart?
Republic Services will begin collecting old recycling carts and replacing them with new carts in mid-May.

Can I get a dispensation for valet service Due to Health?

Services for disabled individuals are available. To request these services, call (636) 947-5959.

What if I choose to go from curbside to valet for the first year?
There will be a fee of $7.50 charged to the resident to cover the removal of the trash cart.

What do I do with extra trash that won't fit in the cart?
It is understandable that on certain occasions, IE: holidays, parties, etc. there will be more trash than usual. During those events, you may place your extra trash in trash bags or in a personal container. However, if this happens on a regular basis, Republic Services will contact the resident to correct the issue by suggesting a larger trash cart.

If I want to change my cart size after delivery, who will I call, and what will the charge be?
You can call Republic Services directly at 636/947-5959 to make the change of size without a charge up to 30 days after receipt of the new cart. After 30 days, there will be a $15 service fee billable to the resident.

After the program is in place, moving forward, changes in cart sizes can only be made in the month of June each year. There will be a $15 service fee billable to the resident for the pickup and delivery of carts.

When I get my new trash cart, what am I supposed to do with my own trash container?
If you wish, Republic Services will take your personal trash cans as recycling. You can place them at the curb with a sign indicating same.